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The market summaries on this page are available in weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual editions, and also include a video, multimedia version of the monthly, quarterly, and annual editions. Market summaries contain information on the Dow, S&P 500, NASDAQ, Russell 2000, Global Dow, Federal Funds interest rate, and 10-year Treasury yields, along with highlights of recent events important to the markets and future dates for key data releases.
These are high-level, multimedia mini-presentations on financial planning topics such as: Retirement Income Planning, Roth IRA Conversions, Financial planning basics, Special Needs Planning, Social Security, Estate Planning, College Planning, Retirement Basics, Investment Basics, Planning for Long-Term Care, etc.  After viewing these introductory videos, you can dig deeper in the Life Events section.
From “Starting out” to Planning an Estate”, this section contains a wealth of knowledge for each life stage or challenge, including: Starting Out, Changing Jobs,    Coping with Unemployment,  Getting Married,  Starting a Family,  Buying a Home,    Saving for College,  Starting a Business,  Planning/Saving for Retirement,  Managing College Expenses,  Long-Term Care Planning, Planning an Estate, Planning for Business Succession, Nearing Retirement/Retirement , Caring for an Aging Parent,    Loss of Spouse,  Financial Windfall, and  Getting Divorced.  Make sure to explore the sub-topics in the vertical menu bar on each page for a deeper dive.
The newsletter articles on this page provide valuable information on timely and interesting financial issues across a variety of subject areas, including retirement, investments, personal finance, annuities, insurance, taxes, college, and government benefits.  Check back monthly for the latest issue!
The videos on this page are short, multimedia pieces that highlight recent developments, new legislation, and fresh information across a variety of financial subject areas.  Recent topics: “Below Zero: The World Experiments with Negative Interest Rates”, “Full Employment: Are We There Yet?”, “Is Cheap Oil Causing Trouble For the US Economy?”  Check back periodically for new video alerts!
This section contains dozens of useful financial calculators – too many to cover on this page.  To see what’s available, simply click on the down arrow at the right of the box marked “Calculator:” to see the list.  Then, just click on the one you want to use.  Options include: Retirement Income Calculator, Retirement Savings Calculator, RMD Calculator, Roth IRA Conversion Calculator, Saving for College Calculator, Buying a Home (Mortgage Payment) Calculator, Cost of Health Care in Retirement Calculator, Debt Consolidation Calculator, Long-Term Care Needs Calculator, Net Worth Calculator, and many more.

Ever wonder how much you can put into an IRA this year or what the tax rate is at different income levels?  Annual limits and much more, is found in this section.  It’s a helpful reference for anyone engaged in:  retirement planning, individual or business tax planning, education planning, investment planning and estate planning.   It also contains figures related to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and healthcare spending accounts.



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